Oasis Engineering collaborates with college students on Hyperloop Prototype

   CNG industry leader Oasis Engineering is always prepared to share ideas and develop solutions and customization that can solve problems for their global partners.

   One such partner is the University of Wisconsin-Madison who was the recipient of the Innovation award in the 1st and 2nd round of competition for the Hyperloop Competition.

   Oasis Engineering collaborated with Badgerloop to feed the nitrogen gas safely to the propulsion jets, “I worked with them to spec the 1-inch actuated valves for their booster,” says Ricky Lee, Vice President of Business Development USA & Canada.

   SpaceX ran a competition where college undergraduates develop prototypes of passenger carrying pods for the Hyperloop program that Elon Musk is hoping to develop.

   One of the leading teams in this competition, Badgerloop from University Wisconsin-Madison developed a prototype that could fit a human and all the necessary equipment to propel the pod.

   “Our 1-inch actuated valve was crucial to the success of their booster as we had to ensure even pressure through the propulsion system without any return flow, much like any CNG system,” says Lee.

   Badgerloop are hoping to have more success in round three of the competition and be able to prove their wares and demonstrate the propulsion system that Oasis Engineering advised on and supplied parts for.

   The third round of the Hyperloop competition will be on the 22nd of July 2018 and is focussed on one single criteria – Maximum speed. With the cold gas propulsion system that Badgerloop have developed with help from Oasis Engineering, they are sure to have success.