Oasis Engineering launches new CV300 series check valve

   The new Oasis CV300 series check valves which were released on the 1st of March 2018, have eliminated a common industry wide Issue. What was the issue? Poppet Chatter caused by Turbulence and flow variation. This can be known to cause premature stem, poppet and seal wear and in worst case scenarios, failure of a valve during service.

   Oasis’ revolutionary design has overcome these problems by simplifying the poppet design and increasing the internal flow path of the check valve which in turn, creates an unrestricted passage for the gas to travel through.

   Oasis have significantly increased the flow rates on the new CV300 series check valves by up to 100% on the previous models which already held the highest flow rates on the market. This now makes the CV300 series the highest flowing check valve available in the world.


Additional features:

- Easy to service (servicing instructions & video available from the Oasis website)

- Manufactured from certified 316 stainless steel bar stock

- Available in NPT, SAE & BSP

- 2 piece body design

- The CV300 series have the same length as the previous CV200 series


The CV300 series check valves are perfect for heavy duty applications such as:

- Compressor outlets

- CNG skids

- Fast flow fill-posts

- Virtual pipeline applications

- Priority panels

- Cascade systems

- High flow dispenser bases