Omnitek exclusive Turkish distributor completes pilot program with Shell Turkey

   Omnitek Engineering Corp. announced its exclusive distributor in Turkey is ramping up marketing and sales initiatives based on the conclusion of several evaluation projects, including a successful six-month pilot program with Shell Turkey, to demonstrate the reliability and performance of diesel-to-natural gas (DNG) engine conversions.

   The converted heavy-duty Mercedes Axor OM457 engine, equipped with Omnitek’s proprietary DNG engine conversion technology, exhibits the same 400 hp performance utilizing LNG as with diesel fuel.

   The Class 8 trucks are equipped with LNG tanks, providing a range of approximately 900 km. The clean-burning LNG fuel is being supplied by Shell Turkey.

   “We applaud Shell for selecting Omnitek’s 100 percent dedicated natural gas technology over dual-fuel technology, which only offers minimal fuel savings potential. The continued collaboration with Shell Turkey provides a unique opportunity to showcase and market the cost-effective alternative of truck conversions compared with purchasing new LNG vehicles. This should be particularly compelling to fleet operators in Turkey, given the short payback-period of truck conversions due to the large price differential between diesel and LNG, as well as Omnitek Turkey’s exclusive engine guarantee. In addition, the long service-life of heavy-duty diesel engines provides a further incentive to convert, while also addressing air pollution considerations in support of the Paris Agreement on Climate Change,” said Werner Funk, president and chief executive officer of Omnitek Engineering Corp.