Cenergy Solutions signs collaboration agreement with major international LNG shipbuilder

   Cenergy Solutions, a US-based company announces it has signed a collaboration agreement with one of the largest LNG shipbuilders in the world to store boil-off gas without compressing it in high pressure CNG tanks or refrigerating the gas to be restored as LNG. Cenergy’s ANG storage tanks are a safe and economical way of storing the boil-off gas to be used on the ballast voyage. LNG ships can produce up to 250 tons of methane while in port or while the engines are idling during a voyage. Boiloff gas is the result of LNG becoming vapor as it increases in temperature while in transit. To keep from flaring the boil-off gas ships need to compress it to high pressures, liquify it or now store it in low pressure ANG tanks. Cenergy’s patented ANG systems now make the storage of boil-off universal for many applications including LNG ships, locomotives and trucks.

   Cenergy Solutions, CEO, Gary Fanger says “This collaborative agreement with a major shipbuilder will help to give other LNG shipbuilders the confidence to utilize low pressure ANG systems to store boil-off gas on their ships. This boil-off gas storage solution can be used in many different LNG applications that are using more expensive and complicated ways of dealing with boil-off gas. Cenergy Solutions is working hard to utilize their patented ANG storage technology to change the way natural and biogas is stored, transported and used around the world.”