Certarus Ltd. announces alliance with Enbridge for CNG expansion in Northern Ontario

   Certarus Ltd. has entered into a definitive agreement with Union Energy Solutions Ltd., a wholly owned subsidiary of Enbridge Inc., collectively, enabling a strategic alliance and commercial investment by Enbridge into Certarus’ compressed natural gas (CNG) infrastructure platform to service the northern Ontario industrial sectors.

   Certarus expects this strategic alliance will further advance its bulk CNG platform to key regions within Northern Ontario that are currently not serviced by natural gas pipelines. Certarus has developed a North American-wide bulk CNG platform to bring cost effective, environmentally preferred, natural gas safely and reliably to end users.  Certarus’ first terminal, located in Timmins, Ontario, is currently supplying large scale mining operations in the region. Certarus proactively built out capacity to displace over 500,000 liters of fuel per day with additional availability to expand.

   Through this agreement, Certarus will expand its CNG service offering into additional projects in mining, forestry, and industrial activity currently running on diesel, bunker oil or propane. Supplying natural gas directly to industrial and commercial end-users, will provide a reliable supply of clean, cost effective energy to help support government mandates to promote cleaner-burning fuels.

   "We see the increased adoption of CNG as an opportunity to displace diesel, propane and bunker oil to promote cost savings and reduce environmental impacts. Certarus operates the largest bulk CNG trailer fleet in North America and has built over 18 large-scale bulk CNG compression hubs across North America. We serve customers in all major industries across North America and are increasingly supporting customers in Northern Ontario’s key industries that can benefit from the Certarus mobile pipeline,” said Nathan Ough, Vice President of Certarus.

   “Access to a reliable and economic energy choice is a game changer for northern Ontario,” said Cynthia Hansen, President of Utility and Power Operations, Enbridge Inc. "Through CNG, large businesses can significantly lower their energy costs, be more competitive and create local jobs.”

   Outside of the Corporation’s first terminal in Timmins, Ontario, Certarus is constructing additional CNG terminals in Red Rock (Thunder Bay Region), Ontario during Q2 2019 and in southern Ontario during Q1 2020.