Technology can be considered as the practical purpose of applying knowledge. The green technology refers to the continuous evolving methods of generating energy from the non toxic products of the environment.
  America has seen a competitive and technological revolution in natural gas production in the 21st Century—dramatically lowering the price of gas and displacing high-carbon coal with low-carbon gas for power generation.
  Ninety thousand cargo ships crisscross the seas every year, carrying a total of 17 million containers of cargo. What lies within is the stuff that fills our lives and moves our economy.
  For almost 50 years, Vermont Gas has offered an important energy choice to Vermonters in Franklin and Chittenden counties. We serve tens of thousands of households and families, institutions.
  The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s plan to regulate carbon emissions is just the latest challenge facing the U.S. electric power system. Technological innovation is disrupting old ways of doing business and accelerating grid modernization.
  Truck transport is crucial to Utah. Heavy-duty trucks keep our economy humming, especially with increased on-line shopping. A booming economy means more trucks on the highways -- and that’s good.
  Now that oil is cheap, bringing with it drops in gasoline and diesel prices, does it still make sense to convert to natural gas? First we’ll review the economics of natural gas, then discuss business strategy in an uncertain energy future.
  Despite the uncertainty created by low oil prices, Colorado is pushing ahead in 2015 with efforts to expand the use of compressed natural gas (CNG) as a transportation fuel.
  Now that we are paying less at pump, some are beginning to suggest that we no longer need cleaner alternatives to petroleum, or that Americans will soon return to driving more and purchasing big, inefficient vehicles.
  Predictions of liquefied natural gas powering B.C.’s future are still mostly talk, but at least one LNG dream will come true. B.C. Ferries has signed a 10-year deal that will see FortisBC provide LNG to power three ferries being built in Poland.
  Growing concerns over global warming have led to Congressional enactment of renewable fuels legislation for motor vehicles. This has led to considerable international activity in the development and commercialization of such fuels.
  After spending the first 80 years of our company’s history growing our dependence on petroleum, UPS has spent the last 30 years searching for something better.
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