Will your next car talk to traffic lights, apply breaks to help avoid a collision or emit zero tailpipe emissions?
  Rick Perry is a friend. He was a great Texas governor, and I believe he will be a great Secretary of Energy.
  In the fall of 2012, Hurricane Sandy caused power outages across much of the northeast, but at Princeton University and New York University, the lights stayed on and the students remained warm.
  Renewable natural gas has the potential to reduce the US heavy transport sector’s reliance on diesel and gasoline. And it’s compatible with engines that run on natural gas.
  Imagine the U.S. without a single barrel of imported oil. From 50% imports in 2007 to 30% imports today to 0% in the mid-2020s – 50 years of geopolitical leverage from the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries can be gone for good.
  The November issue of American Gas magazine titled, “Sea Change,” examines the global opportunities for liquefied natural gas (LNG) and its role as a marine transportation fuel as the world continues to move toward an international emission standard.
  The price of gasoline and oil is low, so we don’t need to worry about energy policy, right? Wrong. Smart energy policy is more important now than ever. And two significant things happened recently that warrant greater attention.
  As concerns grow over climate change, pollution and how much oil we actually have left, there’s clearly a need to develop alternative fuels.
  Natural gas will be the clear winner whether you vote for Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump in the upcoming presidential election. Both candidates are promoting policies that would boost the development of gas infrastructure.
  By the conclusion of California’s 2015-‘16 legislative session at the end of August, amid a flurry of uncertainty and opposition, the state legislature passed SB 32, which extends the LCFS and cap-and-trade compliance programs beyond 2020 to 2030.
  Thanks to America’s natural gas revolution, led in large part by Washington County and our commonwealth, we are now witnessing a domestic manufacturing rebirth that almost no one could have projected even a few years ago.
  Natural gas remains a foundation fuel for the U.S. energy economy and has been the key to unlocking the most substantial greenhouse gas emissions reductions in the nation’s history.
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