The U.S. not only leads in energy production, but our nation also leads the world in emission reductions – while helping other countries improve their air.
  Our strategic investment in compressed natural gas technology has taken our business from very good to great.
  The Greater Los Angeles Basin has long been known for its urban smog. But in recent years the entire region has made great strides in reducing a specific type of air pollution — particulate matter.
  Last week the city of Fort Collins' Fleet Services division was named a Top 10 Leading Fleet by Government Fleet and the American Public Works Association, which recognizes public-sector fleets for their leadership, efficiency and vision.
  Heavy-duty vehicles (HDVs) — not passenger cars — are the fastest growing segment of U.S. transportation in terms of energy use and emissions.
  It’s a tough challenge figuring out how to move hundreds of thousands of New Yorkers from Brooklyn and across Manhattan when the L subway line shuts down next April for 15 months of repairs.
  The logistics and refuse segments of the economy, in Indiana and across the nation, are increasingly turning to an alternative fuel that helps everyone breathe a little easier – natural gas.
  It’s time for Texas to score big on the economic and environmental fronts — and here’s my playbook to make it happen. Consider this an open letter to the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality.
  In B.C., we maintain a nimble balancing act. Our province is home to breathtaking natural wonders that make this one of the most beautiful places in the world.
  Heavy-duty vehicles are the fastest growing segment of U.S. transportation in terms of energy use and emissions.
  Beginning in 1821 when William Hart dug a 27’ gas well in Fredonia NY, persistence, perspiration and technological innovation has seen the United States become a natural gas powerhouse.
  Solar, wind, electric and natural gas all have their place, but it must be in accordance with an appropriate application.
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