FCC Environmental Services receives Omaha hauling contract with CNG vehicles

September 3, 2019. The Omaha City Council in the state of Nebraska has awarded FCC Environmental Services, the American affiliate of FCC Group, Madrid, Spain, a 10-year contract to collect solid waste for the city. The contract includes a possible extension for a second 10-year period. FCC also will provide yard waste collection for 12 weeks per year. FCC says the contract is valued at $255 million, and, with the possible extension, could reach $560 million.

   With a population of 466,000 people, the city of Omaha is the largest in the state of Nebraska. FCC says it will provide the service using a fleet of 69 trucks powered by compressed natural gas (CNG), with the significant benefits of reducing environmental impact and carbon footprint in the city. In addition to its significant volume, the contract has strategic importance for FCC because it will serve as a development hub for its future expansion in the Midwest, according to the company.

   FCC has been awarded 17 contracts in the United States, including those with Palm Beach, Florida, amounting to $215 million, and Volusia County, Florida, for $87 million, which were granted to the company earlier this year.

   With this award, FCC’s U.S. hauling contracts total $1.9 billion, including possible extensions, the company says. The contract begins Jan. 1, 2021.