Cenergy Solutions applauds the U.S. DOE 5.4 million in grants for ANG technology

August 30, 2019. Cenergy Solutions, a US-based company, announced that the DOE has granted 5.4 million to six US Universities to enhance the storage of methane with adsorbents. Cenergy Solutions has made a lot of advancements over the last 6 years using adsorbents to store and transport natural and biogas. These grants should further this work to help increase the adsorption capacity and rates of different types of adsorbents that can be used to store methane molecules in high densities.

   Cenergy Solutions, CEO, Gary Fanger says “We welcome these grants that will help advance adsorbent technology to store and transport natural and biogas. Cenergy’s ANG systems are economical and work well for many applications but the advancements these universities can make will help to improve our ability to store and move gas at even higher densities.”

   Cenergy Solutions’ proprietary ANG systems allows natural and biogas to be stored and transported at low pressures which reduces the cost of compressors, tanks, equipment and the ongoing operation expense of filling the tanks. It also reduces the time to offload the natural or biogas since freezing is taken out of the equation with low pressure storage. ANG storage and transportation is compatible with LNG shipping by making it cost effective to offload ships without having to keep the gas low temperatures. It also makes the transportation of biogas more economical then existing CNG solutions.