UGI Utilities opens CNG fueling station

August 28, 2019. UGI Utilities officials celebrated the opening of a new compressed natural gas (CNG) fueling station Tuesday at the company’s office on East Northampton Street, Pennsylvania.

   The utility invested $700,000 in the station that will help serve its growing fleet of Wilkes-Barre-Twp.-based natural gas-powered vehicles, said UGI relationship manager Joe Bauman.

   The station joins another UGI CNG fueling facility in Bethlehem to serve the company’s fleet of 85 vehicles fueled by natural gas. An additional 19 are expected to be delivered in the near future, bringing the utility’s total CNG fueled fleet to 104.

   The closest natural gas station open to the public is the U.S. Gain station in Pittston Twp. While the average retail price of natural gas is $2.22 for the equivalent of a gallon of gasoline, Bob Stoyko, UGI vice president of marketing and customer relations, said UGI is paying a rate of less than $1.50 for the equivalent of a gallon.

   Officials from some Northeast Pennsylvania firms who already converted their fleets to compressed natural gas attended the ceremony Tuesday including Waste Management in Dunmore, LT Verrastro in Old Forge and Core-Mark in Hanover Twp.

   Stoyko said by using compressed natural gas, the utility is seeing a 50% savings from the cost of diesel and a 35% percent savings from the cost of gasoline.

   Bauman highlighted many economic and environmental advantages that compressed natural gas vehicles have over traditional gasoline cars, trucks and vans.