Lawson celebrates two years of success for its CNG station

June 28, 2019. The public and private components of that partnership met on the north end of the City of Lawton’s Public Works yard Wednesday to celebrate the Go Sparq compressed natural gas (CNG) fueling station that is serving the needs of the city fleet while providing CNG to private and commercial vehicles. The brief ceremony took place almost two years to the day after officials officially dedicated a fueling station that had been open since late December 2016.

   Wednesday’s ceremony celebrated that then-unique collaborative effort, as well as a new state law that officials say will provide incentives for more people to convert to CNG-powered vehicles.

   Carey Johnson, president of Carey Johnson Oil and the “Go” component of Go Sparq through EZ GO, lauded the cooperative nature of the partnership, born in 2016 when the City of Lawton agreed to lease property on the north end of its Public Works yard for a CNG station that features a “slow fill” fueling area restricted to City of Lawton vehicles and “fast flow” pumps in an automated area that is open to the general public “24-7.”

   At the time, the City of Lawton had only a few vehicles that used CNG, although the city has expanded its CNG-capable fleet to include sanitation trucks which fuel overnight, then are ready for the next day’s routes.

   Johnson said experts were certain the venture also would be successful in the private sector, and that has proven true. He said demand CNG comes from heavy over-the-road trucks (most notably, a gravel company that operates between Central Oklahoma and North Texas) and single vehicles (including those used by the State of Oklahoma, which pledged under former Gov. Mary Fallin to convert its fleet to CNG).