Stark Area Regional Transit Authority brings hydrogen bus to Washington

April 17, 2019. The zero-emissions bus was brought to Washington to promote the use of clean alternative fuel vehicles.

   The hydrogen fuel bus was brought to Washington from Ohio by Kirt Conrad, the chief executive of the Stark Area Regional Transit Authority (SARTA). Conrad is promoting the vehicles as a clean and quieter alternative to dirtier and louder diesel buses, which are currently used by most cities and suburbs across the United States.

   The bright blue bus that was taken to Washington for a visit, is one of over 60 hydrogen fuel buses in operation as part of public transit agencies in the United States.

   These buses are fueled by a chemical process that turns hydrogen and oxygen into electrons and water. The buses’ engines run on the electrons, while the water trickles out of the tailpipe, leaving no emissions behind.

   The purpose of the road show is to build a market for vehicles powered by hydrogen fuel cells, especially vehicles used for public transit.

   Conrad and other representatives from the bus and fuel cell manufacturers met with regional transport officials, including Metro, Fairfax Connector, and Alexandria DASH.