Kwik Trip continues to build its compressed natural gas network

April 8, 2019. Last month, Kwik Trip announced a plan to partner with Dane County to buy much of the compressed natural gas (CNG) that will be produced at the Dane County Landfill when its $28 million biogas production facility is completed later this year.

   CNG is essentially methane stored under high pressure. The gas is created when garbage at the landfill breaks down and can be used as a renewable energy source. In its first year of operation, the Dane County project is expected to replace 3 million gallons of fossil fuels.

   Eighty percent of Kwik Trip’s fleet of delivery trucks is already powered by CNG. Since 2012, Kwik Trip has been dispensing CNG for sale to commercial and private vehicles. The company has 35 locations that sell CNG, including 23 in Wisconsin.

   Dane County’s sprawling landfill on Highway 12 and 18 is one of several in the state that collect gas created by the breakdown of organic material. The county projects sales of gas from the landfill to bring in millions of dollars annually.