South Side Landfill planning methane conversion project

March 29, 2019. A landfill on the southwest side of Indianapolis could soon get a $25 million upgrade to capture methane gas and turn it into renewable natural gas for transportation fleets, as a substitute for diesel fuel.

   South Side Landfill Inc. is teaming up with Kinetrex Energy of Indianapolis and EDL Energy of Australia to build a natural gas facility by the landfill, near Kentucky Avenue and Raymond Street.

   They want to capture methane, which is a natural byproduct of decomposing landfill material, and process and purify it for use by a variety of customers, including trucking fleets.

   The partnership, called Indy High BTU LLC., is requesting a tax abatement to help make the project “more economically feasible,” according to an application filed with the Marion County Metropolitan Development Commission.

   The $25 million investment includes $19.4 million in eligible personal property. The project would create four jobs at an average pay of $31.25 an hour.

   The investment would result in an increase to the tax base of approximately $7.7 million of assessed value in the first year of operation, according to the Metropolitan Development Commission.