NGVAmerica testifies for biomethane transportation fuel at New York State Senate

February 19, 2019. NGVAmerica President Dan Gage joined nearly 40 stakeholders in testifying on the Climate and Community Protection Act (S79871A), which would aim to offer aggressive, new decarbonization goals in New York. The hearing was the first on climate change in the New York State Senate.

   “Biomethane fuel is a proven, commercially-ready-right-now and road-tested technology. We have an established refueling infrastructure of over 2,000 stations with a mature network of manufacturers, servicers, and suppliers coast-to-coast. And natural gas fueling pays into the federal highway trust fund,” said Gage, President of NGVAmerica, in his testimony. “As this committee looks to address serious clean air and climate change issues, we encourage it to adopt an “all of the above” approach that includes increased use of biomethane as a transportation fuel.”