NGV Industry Summit kicks off with road rally arrival and Gov. Richardson keynote

November 14, 2018. Natural Gas Vehicles for America’s (NGVAmerica) 30th Anniversary Industry Summit and Annual Meeting kicked off today with the arrival of the 2018 Drive Natural Gas Road Rally and Keynote Address by the Honorable Bill Richardson, former New Mexico Governor, U.S. Secretary of Energy, U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations, and U.S. Congressman.

   “Natural gas delivers the largest and most cost-effective reductions in transportation-related pollutants than any other powertrain option commercially-available today,” said Governor Bill Richardson. “If we want cleaner air, we need cleaner trucks and buses. Transitioning heavy-duty vehicles and fleets to natural gas fuel makes America cleaner and greener.”

   Richardson delivered his keynote address kicking off the largest and most significant natural gas vehicle event of the year. The industry summit began with the West Coast arrival of NGVAmerica’s 2018 Sea-to-Shining-Sea Road Rally. Launched in late October in Freehold, New Jersey, the rally is a four week, 14-stop cross-country excursion highlighting the benefits of natural gas use in transportation spanning 5,000+ miles.