New Surrey facility to turn organic waste into natural gas

April 11, 2017. The Canadian City of Surrey, British Columbia, is set to open a new biofuel processing facility, the first of its kind in North America. The facility will process the City’s organic waste into a 100 per cent renewable natural gas (RNG).

   That gas will be used to fuel the City’s natural gas powered waste collection trucks and other city vehicles. It will also provide a renewable fuel source that will heat and cool Surrey’s City Centre.

   Mayor Linda Hepner says it will push Surrey to the forefront of carbon management. “It will put us in a position to be, I believe, the only city certainly in the province if not the country, that will be carbon neutral.”

   “It will take the equivalent of 8,500 cars off the road every year and reduces the CO2 emissions in our city by 40,000 tonnes a year.”

   The facility is slated to open in Port Kells in June.