JAX LNG facility located at Dames Point in Jacksonville, Florida, and built by the Pivotal LNG and NorthStar Midstream joint venture sprung into operation earlier this month.
  A life-cycle assessment of emissions from domestic and imported LNG, and heavy-fuel oil for marine shipping by a team from the University of British Columbia has found that only high-pressure dual-fuel engines robustly reduce well-to-wake GHG emissions.
  A new report authored by Washington D.C.-based Bates White Economic Consulting forecasts that demand for renewable natural gas (RNG) fuel in the U.S. transportation sector will continue growing rapidly over the next five years.
  UPS announced an agreement with Clean Energy Fuels Corp. to purchase 170 million gallon equivalents of renewable natural gas (RNG) through 2026.
  Element Markets announced that the Blue Ridge Landfill in Fresno, Texas has been registered under a new Renewable Identification Number (RIN) pathway utilizing renewable natural gas to compressed natural gas and liquefied natural gas.
  Capstone Turbine Corporation and Green Energy Sustainable Solutions, Inc. (GESS) have entered into a joint marketing agreement to further the awareness of biogas and renewable natural gas (RNG) as the fuel of the future at the 103rd Indianapolis 500.
  The Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) issued a request for proposals to purchase ultra-low-carbon renewable natural gas (RNG) to fuel some 800 New York City buses currently running on compressed natural gas (CNG).
  Southern California Gas Co. (SoCalGas) announced the utility received approval from the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) to begin the next phase in construction of four new dairy biomethane projects in California.
  Department of Environmental Protection and Department of Transportation announced grants for electric vehicle stations and the designation of 500 more miles of highway as Alternative Fuel Corridors, with CNG or EV stations readily accessible.
  Construction on a compressed natural gas filling station on city land in an industrial part of Naperville, Illinois, is projected to begin in June.
  The American Gas Association (AGA) isjoining the more than 500 affiliate organizations, companies, and cities participating in Infrastructure Week, leading the fight to rebuild and modernize America‚Äôs infrastructure.
  New 2018 data from the California Air Resources Board (CARB) indicates that the Low Carbon Fuel Standard (LCFS) continues to drive production of a growing volume of cleaner transportation fuels for California consumers.
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