New technology is creating plant efficiencies and the evolution of shale harvesting is increasing supply and reducing transportation costs, says Terry Crupi, director of Natural Gas Marketing and Trading for PPL EnergyPlus.
  As the head of what is generally recognized as the country‚Äôs most environmentally-friendly major racing league, he is thinking of ways to make his series an even bigger showcase for the latest in sustainable automotive technologies.
  Last summer, Castlen Kennedy went on a 10-day, 2.500 mile roadtrip from Austin, Texas to Boston, Massachusetts, driving a Chevy Tahoe converted to natural gas.
  Fortune spoke with President of Shell Oil Company, Marvin Odum, about Big Oil's strategy for the future of energy. Shell will produce more gas than oil by 2012.
  Werner Funk, CEO of Omnitek Engineering Corporation, talked about the new technologies developed by his company in natural gas powered engines and emissions control; gas vehicles situation in the United States; and future of the industry.
  Roger Lessman, president of Lessman Racing Inc., spoke about the Lucas Oil / Lessman Streamliner project, its beginnings, achievements and future challenges.
  Richard Kolodziej, president of the International Association for Natural Gas Vehicles (IANGV), referred to such strong support is having the natural gas and gas vehicles industry in the United States during the last time.
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