RNG 2017 Conference

   Executives from each sector will gather for RNG 2017 Conference - the North American Renewable Natural Gas industry's premier annual Conference. RNG 2017 Conference and networking events will be hosted at the Monarch Beach Resort (Dana Point, CA) - the crown jewel of southern California, on November 27-30, 2017.

   RNG 2017 will appeal to an industry sector interested in renewable natural gas (RNG) for purposes of achieving corporate sustainability objectives, for purposes of complying with federal, state and provincial policy requirements, and for purposes of helping realize increased energy independence, and access to domestic, renewable, clean fuel and energy supply.

   RNG 2017 agenda details are still being finalized. RNG 2016 agenda included the following:

- State of the RNG Industry

- US Presidential Election & Implications for RNG

- RFS, LCFS, CFP & RNG for Transportation Fuel

- Clean Power Plan, RPS & RNG for Electric Power

- Market Certainty & Developing Markets for RNG

- RNG Tax, Policy, Legislation & Regulation

- RNG Pipeline Injection

- RNG Project Fundamentals

- Canada's New RNG Standard

- RNG White Papers