Natural Gas Vehicle Safety and Maintenance Training

   This class (September 18-19, 2017 - Alt Fuel Innovations, LLC - 205 S. Fir Street, Olathe, KS  66061) is designed to train automotive technicians and managers who have general mechanical knowledge, but need to learn natural gas systems and safety protocols to begin working on natural gas vehicles.

   The course, along with study, will provide technicians with the knowledge and much of the information specific to the ASE F1-Compressed Natural Gas Vehicles exam. The F1 exam is only given at certain testing sites.

   Current Kansas City and Central Kansas Clean Cities members in good standing will receive a $100 discount on the cost of registration. Proof of current membership may be required.

   Course Objectives:

- List personnel and shop safety procedures and describe the appropriate responses to common emergencies such as fire, gas leakage, and collision

- List the major policies and regulations pertaining to the installation, operation, and inspection of gaseous fuel vehicles

- Learn the concepts of pressure, density, and volume in describing, measuring, and handling natural gas

- State the chemical and physical properties of methane (natural gas)

- Describe Otto and Diesel cycle engines and explain how combustion is different with a gaseous fuel

- Explain lean-burn technology and calculate the correct air-fuel ratio to achieve best power, lowest emissions, and greatest fuel economy

- Describe the components of a natural gas fuel system and explain how each operates

- Explain the operation of the electronic control module (ECM) and the components that connect to it

- Describe basic diagnostic techniques, the use of the diagnostic scan tool (DST) and the meanings of diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs)

   About the Instructor: Nick Wagoner owned a vehicle upfit company specializing in CNG and LPG vehicle conversions, training and inspections. Now retired, he travels nationally and internationally providing specialized training for equipment manufacturers and technology organizations. He was an alternative fuels consultant and automotive technology instructor at Central Community College in Columbus, Neb., for 25 years. He is recognized by the NAFTC and the Environmental Protection Agency as an alt fuels trainer.